How to Change VestaCP default port

To get started, first visit: https://server-ip:8083/list/firewall/

From the firewall configuration page, please click on the + icon to create a new firewall rule and use the following details to populate form. We’re using port 2083 in this example, though you can use any port that isn’t already in use.

Action: Accept
Protocol: TCP
Port: 2083
IP Address:

Click Save to add the rule to the firewall.

Once the firewall rule has been added, we’ll need to edit the NGINX configuration for VestaCP. Please login via SSH and navigate to /usr/local/vesta/nginx/conf/ using:

cd /usr/local/vesta/nginx/conf/

We’ll need to edit the nginx.conf file and change the port that NGINX listens on from 8083 to 2083 (or the port you chose to use).

nano nginx.conf


listen          8083;


listen          2083;

Once the port has been changed, press CTRL+X, followed by y, and then hit enter to save your changes.

Now that we have an active firewall rule allowing us to accept connections on the new port and we’ve made the changes required to allow NGINX to listen on the new port, we’ll restart VestaCP to allow the changes to take effect:

service vesta restart

The final step is removing the firewall entry for the previous port we were using. To do this, we’ll visit https://[droplet-ip]:2083/list/firewall/ (notice, we’re using the new port in the URL now).

Hover over the firewall entry that shows 8083 and click on Delete, then OK. You’re done now.

Thank you for reading this article.

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